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Management Consulting and Business Development

The most successful companies know that they must seek outside expertise to keep their organizations on the cutting edge to create the future they desire. Our consultants have the skills, knowledge and experience you need in the following areas: 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process of defining an organization's vision, mission, and objectives, and then developing strategies and action plans to achieve them. It involves analyzing an organization's current situation, assessing its strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities and threats in the external environment, and then developing a plan to achieve the organization's goals.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing individuals within an organization who have the potential to fill key leadership positions in the future. It involves assessing an organization's current talent pool, identifying critical roles, and creating a plan to ensure that there is a pipeline of skilled and qualified individuals who can step into these roles when the need arises.

Business Development

Business development is a process of identifying and pursuing opportunities to improve an organization's profitability, growth, and market share. It involves creating strategies and tactics to increase revenue, expand the customer base, and develop new products and services.

Job Satisfaction & Work Values
Leadership Development.


Above or Beyond is a trusted boutique Management Consulting firm with offices in Kingston, Jamaica and Florida, USA. With 70 years of combined expertise we work with individuals and organisations to solve problems and deliver outstanding results.

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We have done interesting and far-reaching work in all major industries: Energy, Banking, Education, Gaming, Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Mining and Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Distribution, Security, Shipping, and Telecommunications.