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The SRA Computer Operator Aptitude Battery (COAB)

This test was designed to predict job performance of computer operators. It consists of three separately timed tests, measuring skills and aptitudes:

Sequence Recognition
A test of speed in visualising the order in which to place a scramble set of timed-related events

Format Checking
A test of skill in perceiving whether arrangements of numbers and letters conform to specified formats

Logical Thinking
A test of ability to analyse the logical relations within problems and to visualise their solution in stepwise form

The purpose of the instrument is to aid data processing managers and personnel directors in selecting applicants for computer operator positions. The test is intended to identify those applicants with potential to succeed in the operator job. In addition, the test has been found to be predictive of potential for promotion to the computer programmer job. The latter data will be of value in hiring decisions in companies that have a policy of rewarding effective performance in the programming and become eligible for advancement in that line.

Raw Scores and Percentile Scores for each component of the assessment are provided. Raw Scores are translated to Percentiles to show what percentage of persons in the reference group achieves test scores at or below a given level. For example, a raw score of 40 that translates to a percentile of 99 suggests that this score is higher than that received by 99% of the persons that have previously taken the test.


The tests are published in a reusable booklet. Examinees mark their responses on a separate self-scoring answer sheet.

Each component of the assessment is timed: Sequence Recognition - 10 mins. Format Checking - 5 mins. and Logical Thinking - 30 mins.

The entire battery, including directions, can be administered in less than one hour


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