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Sales Professional Assessment Inventory

The SPAI-II provides a standardized measure of sales potential and orientation and is an ideal instrument for selecting outside and inside sales professionals.  It is designed for personnel selection and placement and for the identification of training needs.  It can also be used as a cost-effective and time-efficient method for determining which individuals should receive a more in-depth evaluation.

The SPAI-II has been shown to be predictive of sales revenue, supervisory performance ratings, employee retention, attendance, and punctuality.  Multi-page SPAI-II reports include a graphical depiction of scores as well as positive and negative behavioral indicators and interview questions.

Dimensions of Measurement

  • Sales Work Experience - sales training and experience.
  • Sales Interest - interest in sales, and attitudes and behaviours that lead to strong sales performance.
  • Sales Responsibility - assuming responsibility for and taking charge of personal success in sales performance.
  • Sales Orientation - personal traits associated with sales success.
  • Energy Level - drive, work pace, and endurance.
  • Self Development - responsiveness to sales training and professional development programs.
  • Sales Skills - competency in key areas of confidence, expressiveness, social skills, and sales techniques.
  • Sales Understanding - understanding of the basic procedures and practices associated with sales success.
  • Sales Arithmetic - basic mathematical ability as it relates to totalling orders, figuring sales, and analyzing product sales.
  • Customer Service - awareness of customer needs and the impact of a salesperson's behaviours on customer buying decisions.
  • Business Ethics - attitudes toward upholding ethical business standards and adhering to organizational policies.
  • Job Stability - work values that promote stable employment behaviour and discourage job hopping.
  • Sales Potential Index- overall indicator of sales orientation and potential; the overall suitability for hire into a sales position.
  • Validity/Candidness - the degree to which a candidate responded to the questions openly.
  • Validity/Accuracy - the degree to which a candidate understood and carefully completed the inventory.


  • The assessment may be administered by computer or may be completed using a paper and pencil version. As such, both individual and group administration may be facilitated.
  • Although not a timed assessment, the SPAI-II is usually completed within 45 minutes.
  • Once scored, a computer-generated report is created that reflects each individual’s scores.
  • If required, a spreadsheet comparing the scores of all those assessed may also be provided. An additional fee may be charged for this service. This is based on the number of persons tested.


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