TAP Talent

Tried and Proven (TAP) Talent for Top Companies

TAP Talent is a new suite of services offered by Above or Beyond (formerly the JobBank). This premium product matches TAP talent with Top companies and provides all the support services for both talent and companies. The boutique offering caters to (1) The specific needs of elite ‘Tried and Proven’ (TAP) Talent who are scanning the horizon for new opportunities at home or abroad and (2) The Top companies who are seeking TAP Talent to enhance their management team or provide advanced skills and competencies in very specialised areas. 

Business to Consumer Services

  1. TAP Talent registering with Above or Beyond US$499.00
  2. Career Management Coaching US$295.00
  3. CV/Resume Consultation US$250.00
  4. Life Change Consultation US$395.00
  5. Advanced Interview Techniques US$ 175 per hour

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Business to Business Services

  1. Top companies seeking TAP Talent registering with Above or Beyond –US$4,999.00
  2. Testing Services – US$199.00
  3. Succession Planning Coaching – US$2,999.00
  4. Training in Culture and Diversity Adaptation US$1,999.00
  5. Executive workshop on ‘Gaining a competitive advantage today by using TAP Talent’ US$1,199.00

What is the BIG Problem?

Millennials are the ‘hottest’ thing in the job market and are touted as being the greatest assets to organisations. They are tech savvy and they are a lot of them! However, they also come with attitudes and behaviours that organisations balk at and not much ‘real’ work experience.

Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists (XBT) are becoming an endangered species in the job market; and not all XBTs want to own their own business.

Organisations that want to discard XBTs based on the latest fad and hype around millennials will miss the boat.

What is the Opportunity?

Sixty is the new forty. Current Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists (XBT) are the fittest, healthiest and sharpest the world has ever seen. XBTs have a wealth of education, experience, emotional intelligence and organisational navigation skills that no other group possesses. They can hit the ground running which results in immediate value to the organisation with focused attention and steady hands. For example, when a company is in crisis or experiencing rapid growth, it needs a CEO who has experience in crisis management or scaling in a hurry, not someone who is smart but needs CEO experience.

In this dynamic market when everything is changing at the speed of light, experience in solving big problems quickly is a requirement to succeed. Organisations that want to have a competitive edge must embrace XBTs who have TAP Talent

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