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Get inspired with our international keynote and motivational speakers, as we energise your audience. For all your company awards, staff functions, conferences, symposiums, retreats, kick-off meetings and other corporate events choose the best. Book Dr. Semaj :  Book Dr. Palmer
Our 360-degree feedback software is an assessment tool that is trusted and used by more than half of the Fortune 100, as well as thousands of other companies worldwide.

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Advice for CEOs, Founders and Presidents As you navigate the inevitable realities, risks and rewards of being the leader, you will need a sounding board, confidante, trusted advisor and experienced co-pilot. Journeying on this ‘road less traveled’ you will not have all the answers.Read More 
This premium product matches Tried and Proven (TAP) talent with Top companies and provides all the support services for both parties. Are you TAP talent? Are you a Top company seeking TAP talent. Read more   

Executive Recruiting 

We all agree that the quality of our human capital is what will set our organisations apart. Let us get the best-fit candidates for your job openings and your organisational culture. Hiring mistakes are very costly so we highly recommend that you engage us.Read More 

A polished interviewee and a well-presented resume tells us very little about what we really need to know in making a hiring decision. Go beyond the fruits (obvious) and get to the roots (not so obvious) with psychometric testing. Read More 
The most successful companies know that they must seek outside expertise to keep their organisations on the cutting edge to create the future they desire. Our consultants have the skills, knowledge and experience you need in the following areas:  Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Business Development, Job Satisfaction & Work Values and Leadership Development.
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Our facilitators can get to the core of an issue, bring out the best in your team and deliver tangible results on the spot. We will facilitate your strategic retreats (staff and board), change management interventions, mergers and acquisitions (the human element), redundancies and other special interventions.
We can design a workshop, seminar or presentation to meet your specific need. You can also select from one of our winning classics, as rated by our delighted clients. Click here for our most requested presentations.
We do all the work, so you don’t have to. Our employee engagement tool is based on statistical analysis and widely supported by industry research; and goes beyond employee satisfaction. This effective and proven solution will enable your organisation work smarter, faster and easier. It will help you Identify, Understand, and Fix Employee Engagement Problems.  Read More