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Company Profile

Above or Beyond is a trusted Management Consulting firm with offices in Kingston Jamaica and Florida, USA. We work with individuals and companies to solve problems and deliver outstanding results. Our highly respected principals, Dr. Leahcim T. Semaj and Dr. Sandra Palmer are internationally trained and experienced with a distinctive Caribbean flair. They have helped shape high performing people, leaders, cultures and businesses in the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe.

We have done interesting and far reaching work in all major industries: Energy, Banking, Education, Gaming, Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Mining and Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Distribution, Security, Shipping, and Telecommunications.  Among the well-known brands which proudly attest to our results, some include: AIM Resorts, Cable and Wireless, Digicel, Heineken, Kraft Foods, L'Oreal Cosmetic, McDonald's, Nestle, Pepsi, Pfizer Drug, Ritz Carlton, Sandals Group International and Royal Dutch Shell.

We pride ourselves on our resolve to get the job done and deliver consistent results. This is supported by our vision, values and talented people. Our end-to-end customer experience and end-to-end employee experience are what drives every aspect of the business.

We are focused on creating a better future by unearthing the truth, providing deep insights and leaving a lasting legacy as your partners in transformation.