Brief History


In the beginning was The Word, and the word transformed itself into a successful radio programme called The Night Doctor Show on RJR in 1989, which radically changed night radio in Jamaica. This morphed into ground breaking Power Talk on Power 106 FM 1992, which brought a new focus to daytime talk radio.

The next mile post was the People’s Money Expo series in 1993, which sought to demystify how money works and to fuel our people's entrepreneurial spirit. We then decided to combine our training, experience, skills and abilities to forge an independent entity and Leahcim T. Semaj & Company Limited was formed in 1994.

The first consulting engagement was with J Wray and Nephew Limited. One of their products, Bols liqueur was failing in the market and they needed to know what was happening and get the public’s perception. The reason was identified, empirically tested and confirmed and a solution presented. The recommendations were accepted and the product went on to do very well. The second engagement was with Alcan, Kirkvine, Manchester. The company had two excellent candidates for a Senior Finance post but couldn’t decide which one to pick as both were experienced and technically sound. Utilising personality profile testing and advanced interviewing techniques we were able to make a clear distinction between both candidates. A final decision was made and they were very pleased with their selection. Since those early days the company has grown locally and regionally serving individuals, private sector and public sector organisations.

During the period 1994 – 2014 the company traded as The JobBank, thus the brand is well known and the name is very dear to us. However, over the years some persons have perceived the brand as mainly recruiting and testing. Yes, we do offer the best hiring and testing services in the business and will continue to do so but we have provided so much more. Since 2015, Above or Beyond has become the new umbrella brand for the company. In November 2017 we incorporated in the state of Florida, USA as Above or Beyond Incorporated, offering our services to a wider market.The new name and logo reflect the services and the value that many have come to know and trust.

  • Keynote/Motivational Speaking
  • Change Management
  • Job Satisfaction /Work Values
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Executive Hiring and Testing Plus the latest Premium addition TAP Talent.
  • Bespoke Presentations and Seminars
  • Business Development 
  • Individual Consulting

Thank you to all the stakeholders who have given us the opportunity to do really interesting and far-reaching work.

The journey continues as The Word takes on new forms.