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The Management Success Profile (MSP) assessment helps evaluate the skills and attitudes that are commonly critical to management success. An applicant who possesses these attitudes will generally be more suited for a management position. This assessment can also be used to help identify training needs of current and potential managers. There is no time limit but the average individual will complete the assessment in 45 minutes.

Normative Data 
Norms are based upon managerial job applicants from organizations in a wide range of industries.

Validation Studies 
Validation studies have been conducted.

The MSP report includes scale scores, Significant Behavioral

Indicators and follow-up interview questions.

Dimensions of Measurement:

  • Experience - Actual management-related education and training.
  • Leadership - Interest, attitudes and behaviours in management and supervisory positions.
  • Coaching - Working to improve the performance of others through specific performance feedback.
  • Adaptability - Acceptance of change and the willingness to learn.
  • Management Responsibility - The extent to which an applicant feels in control of his/her work performance.
  • Practical Thinking - Open-mindedness, and ability to clearly think through problems.
  • Customer Service Orientation - Courteous, cooperative and friendly attitudes toward Customers.
  • Productivity - Dependable and strong work habits that lead to organization and completion of projects.
  • Job Commitment - Work values that increase the chance of long-term employment.
  • Business Ethics - Attitude toward upholding ethical business standards and practices.
  • Management Potential Index - Overall suitability for the position.
  • Validity/Candidness - The extent to which an applicant responded to the inventory in a socially desirable manner.
  • Validity/Accuracy - The degree to which an applicant understood and carefully completed the inventory.


Percentile scores on these scales give the ranking of the applicant relative to other applicants in the general population.

Standard scores indicate an applicant’s absolute score on each of the scales ranging from zero to 100. This score indicates how qualified the applicant is without comparing his or her score to other applicants. Higher scores indicate that the applicant is more qualified.


The assessment may be administered online or may be completed using a pencil and paper version. As such, both individual and group administration may be facilitated.

This is not a timed assessment and there is no time limit but the average individual will complete the assessment in 45 minutes

Once scored, a computer-generated report is created that reflects each individual’s scores. This report also provides supplementary information and an overall rating of Recommend or Not Acceptable.

If required, a spreadsheet comparing the scores of those assessed may also be provided for a fee based on the number of persons tested.



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