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The JobBank Work Values Inventory and Job Satisfaction Scale

The JobBank Work Values Inventory and Job Satisfaction Scale is a diagnostic tool that determines:

Work Values of Staff
Work Values of the Company as perceived by Staff
Job Satisfaction Levels 
Level of Synchronism between Staff and Company Values

The JobBank administers three (3) instruments to collect the required data, The Work Values Inventory - Personal, The Work Values Inventory - Company and The Job Satisfaction Scale. The questionnaires all examine the same forty-three (43) areas of the work environment but are guided by different instructions.

The JobBank Work Values Inventory - Personal identifies the ten work values that are most important to the individual. 
The JobBank Work Values Inventory - Company determines the ten values staff perceive as being most important to the employer/company. 
The JobBank Job Satisfaction Scale measures the actual levels staff satisfaction for each of the 43 items.

Examples of these items/areas are:
Recognition - Supervisor knows the real value of person's work and makes an effort to
recognise this 
Achievement - Persons see the results of their work in ways such as the completion of a project or the resolution of a problem 
Company Policy and Administration - The
organisation does a good job in setting and carrying out personnel policies 
Effect on Personal Life - How the job affects your life as a result of travel, transfer
policy and other factors 
Job Security - The company policy on tenure, and the stability of the company itself. 
Materials and Resources with which to get the job done. 

Interest of the Job - Mentally stimulated by the tasks or responsibilities. 
The Medical Benefits Programme 
The Pension Benefits Programme 

Management Consideration - Manager sees workers as human beings




The 3 components of the instrument are always group administered and all participants complete the Inventory simultaneously.

For the purpose of confidentiality, participants are instructed not to record their names on any component of the instrument.

Participants will complete all 3 components within 40 minutes to an hour of starting.


The results, which are provided in a diagnostic report, make it possible to quantify the areas in which the company and the workers are in synchrony and out of synchrony. 
The areas of synchrony are clearly outlined in tables provided. Tables also highlight the Top Ten Personal Values, Company
Values and Areas of Job Satisfaction. Information regarding the areas least valued as well as areas of dissatisfaction is also provided. 
Analysis of the tables presents information that can then be used to determine the corrective measures required to allow the company to function optimally.


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