New Year's Message from the President

It’s now January 2022 and the coronavirus is still with us with no sign of leaving anytime soon.
Life and work as we know it will never be the same no matter how we wish it to be.
Time that we stop waiting for "The New Normal", The future won't be NORMAL
Time for us to reimagine the future.
Time to let go and grow.
Time to examine all previous assumptions and sacred cows of your business and industry.
Time to learn all the lessons (or be forced to repeat the experiences).
Businesses and companies need to move from for-profit to for-benefit.
We cannot afford to reward business outcomes that put humanity, communities and the earth in danger.
Some of us are ready to make the transition but many are not.
The future belongs to the new "KNOWMADS", knowledge workers who can WORK ANYWHERE, FROM ANYWHERE.
The answers are within US collectively.
Let’s bring them to life. 
Dr. Leahcim Semaj
President, Above or Beyond
January 4th, 2022