Let me begin by thanking everyone for their efforts in 2019 and wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fruitful 2020.


We must come up with innovative ways to increase value for our existing clients locally and explore new business opportunities in the wider Caribbean.   Getting our foot into new markets has been a challenge but we will not give up. Since September 2019 we have been marketing our brand in Trinidad and Guyana. We will continue such efforts this year in a more targeted way.


Our success is predicated by our ability to deliver projects (small or large) without compromise at the highest level of quality and above customer expectations.  This is our competitive edge and should always be the outcome which drives us in the long run. This will ensure that AoB continues to be the best boutique management consulting outfit in the region and the service provider of choice for our clients.


It is important to recalibrate ourselves for the changing times and to move forward together as a team. Be mindful that the company can only grow to the extent that everyone grows. When our core values and actions are in alignment, a thriving culture emerges. Challenges will face us, just as in life, and many times beyond our control. There are some days which are smoother than others, but I believe we can continue to find motivation and tenacity every day if we keep our focus on the GOAL. The Goal is Excellence!

Cheers to a successful 2020!