ACFP Platinum TM

Advice for CEOs, Founders and Presidents

ACFP CEOs, Founders and Presidents this is for you.

As you navigate the inevitable realities, risks and rewards of being the leader, you will need a sounding board, confidante, trusted advisor and experienced co-pilot. Journeying on this ‘road less traveled’ you will not have all the answers. You may not want to be totally vulnerable with you subordinates, colleagues or board members. You also cannot be away from your business for weeks at a time, attending overpriced, generic leadership development training. ACFP Platinum is the solution for you. One on one sessions anywhere anytime getting sound pragmatic counsel, with empathy and brutal honesty, especially when things go wrong.

Sessions cover:

Taming the Growth Tiger

Building the High-Performance Team for the Future

Scaling to the Next Level

Handling Organisational Challenges

Building and Leaving a Legacy

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