Dr Sandra Palmer - Never Settling For Less

There was a time when some would have never thought women would dominate segments of society, especially the business world. Today, women are at the helm of success. CEO and senior partner at Above or Beyond (formerly Job Bank), Dr Sandra Palmer, is what many would describe as a flourishing and extraordinary woman, making her place in a world once ruled by men.




Time to check the temperature of your relationships.

It's February. Love is in the air. Time to check the temperature of your relationships. Let us help you go ABOVE or BEYOND or to Constructively Disengage.


The JobBank has a new name

The JobBank has a new name, Above or Beyond. We promise to take you Above where you are presently or Beyond your wildest dreams.

The name ‘The JobBank’ is very dear to us, however, over the years some persons have perceived the brand as mainly recruiting and testing. Yes, we do offer the best hiring and testing services in the business and will continue to do so but we offer so much more! The new name reflects the services and the value that many have come to know and trust.

CEO’s New Year’s Message 2017

This is such a wonderful time.

The air is filled with excitement, wonder and hope.

This is a time to reflect on the past year, to learn from it while leaving behind what did not work.