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Job Title Production Manager
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Job Description

Position Summary: Reporting directly to the General Manager, the Production Manager oversees manufacturing processes for construction materials. They ensure timely and high-quality production, managing a team of machine operators and implementing efficiency and cost reduction initiatives.


  • Prepare daily Production Control Reports.
  • Plan production schedules based on Purchase Orders.
  • Schedule staff to maximize productivity.
  • Establish checks for Finished Goods.
  • Assess resource requirements and verify raw material consumption.
  • Prepare monthly overtime reports.
  • Monitor and report damaged production.
  • Ensure proper functioning of manufacturing equipment.
  • Maintain machinery and schedule repairs.
  • Organize routine equipment maintenance.
  • Collaborate with Sales to finalize order quantities.
  • Liaise with Sales, Warehouse, CAD Technician, and Inventory.
  • Ensure accurate delivery per customer orders.
  • Manage a safe production area, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • Report accidents or unusual occurrences to the General Manager.
  • Review equipment productivity and supervise team attendance.
  • Maintain quality standards in finished goods.
  • Motivate and train production teams.
  • Communicate with management on production issues.
  • Set productivity goals and develop workflow procedures.
  • Assist in recruitment and onboarding.
  • Monitor raw materials and conduct cross-training for succession planning.


  • Post Graduate Degree in Engineering Management.
  • Undergraduate degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.
  • Minimum 10 years' experience, with 5 years in senior management.
  • Proficiency in production calculations and estimation.


  • Excellent mechanical and mathematical skills.
  • Strong management and financial acumen.
  • Strategic decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Effective communication and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to manage time and subordinates strategically.

Work Conditions:

  • Long hours, humid conditions, and noise in the production area.
  • Requires excellent organizational and stress management skills.
  • Mental demands from multitasking and tight deadlines.
Job Status Accepting Applications
Post Date 02/23/2024
End Date 07/21/2024
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